Our homesteading life began with a dream to produce food close to the land for our family and friends. We’re excited to continue this dream!

Three Heights Aug 11

After escaping New York City in 2012, we established HeartMoss Farm on a small piece of land in the Appalachian Mountains.

The goal was to find our own way to live sustainably; raising small numbers of animals in addition to the vegetable garden, fruit trees, and perennials made the most sense.

Today, we have a small kitchen garden, a few fruit trees, perennial gardens of edibles, medicinals, herbs, and ornamentals, and quite a few types of livestock. The animals that we’ve chosen as our foundation species–sheep and chickens–are easy to care for and perfectly fit our goals. We also raise or have raised pigs, cattle, goats, turkeys, guineas, quail, and rabbits.

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In 2020, our family purchased the acreage across the road and expanded our farm to 34 acres total! We are running a few Angus crosses, some dairy sheep, KuneKune pigs, and chickens on our large acreage, and are excited to slowly expand our homestead.