Sheep Flock in the 2014-2015 Breeding Season

With any luck, the ewes are all bred up and ready for lambing in April/May. The ram’s aggressive tendencies have not let up, so he is currently for sale and may become mutton. The girls are fat and gaining quickly for the worst of winter. Spotty, Sarah, Helena, and Cow needed a deworming one last time in 2014, but the adult ewes have been looking very good. Over the next few years, we hope to get our paddock system working to the point that we can divide and rotate the flock often enough to allow for once a year dewormings. The lambs, however, often continue to pose challenges for us farmers as their resistance does not develop fully until they’re older than a year (and therefore no longer lambs). Once we get our own personal fecal analysis up and running, it will be easier to monitor that flock’s parasite load and will give us the freedom to experiment with the rotation.

By Disturbed Shepherdess

I keep sheep and write poems.

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