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One Vibrant, Overwhelming Season

Each year, spring overwhelms us again.

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I have a feeling that it’s the same with most homesteaders. We purge the clutter from our closets and our yards and our fields; rearrange the livestock quarters and realize that, once again, we’ve failed to prep enough garden beds for the coming season. In February and March, we ashamedly purchase all our produce at grocery stores, having exhausted local markets and personal stores.

By the time April comes on, we are already tired, but there is beauty everywhere. There is beauty everywhere, and it is exhausting.

It is easy to feel like you are stepping into the bog of projects. Do too much, and you will sink. Do just enough so that you float until June comes to dry the quagmire.

And so I will get through May, like we all do every year. May season and May day and May poles to marvel at. May we all survive May.

By Disturbed Shepherdess

I keep sheep and write poems.

One reply on “One Vibrant, Overwhelming Season”

I used to feel this springtime stress and I started reorganizing my work to help eliminate it. I began doing many springtime chores in the winter and fall. For example, the last time I used my tiller or mower for the season I would pull it in the garage and grease it, sharpen the blades, changed the oil, and check the belts. This way when spring rolls around I am ready to go. You can apply this mindset to all types of areas of your life. Good luck!

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