Mochalamb copy

Mocha nursing her lamb.

Doratwins copy

Snow and Boots

DSC_2404_2 copy


DSC_2396_2 copy


DSC_2829 copy


DSC_2738 copy 2

Sheep enjoying the rich forage.

Puffguard copy

Puff guarding the flock.

21125137_10201100869100868_279579235_o copy

Corn, barley, and sunflower seeds is how we supplement the sheep’s diets.

DSC_2044 copy

Dora in wintertime.

DSC_2427_3 copy

Cattle in tall grass.

DSC_2686 copy


pigs copy

Bananas and Bean as piglets.

DSC_2381_3 copy

Bean being silly.

DSC_2676 copy 2

Maple loves to lie in her food.

DSC_2884 copy 2

Maple and Bacon

DSC_2693 copy 2

Oh yeah, and chickens.

DSC_2810 copy 2

Plus some guineas.

DSC_2791 copy 2

House dogs Zippo and Zach.