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For all other cuts, please put in a reservation.

Eggs (Chicken), nonGMO-fed: $4/doz

CHICKEN (Pasture Raised)
Chicken, Stew Hen, nonGMO-fed: $2/lb
Chicken, Freedom Ranger, nonGMO-fed: $4/lb
Turkey, Heritage Style, nonGMO-fed: $5/lb

LAMB (Pasture Raised)
Ground Lamb: $9/lb
Lamb Sausage: $11/lb
Stew Lamb: $11/lb
* Lamb Rib Chops: $17/lb
Lamb Loin Chops: $19/lb
Boneless Leg of Lamb: $13/lb
Bone-in Leg of Lamb: $12/lb
Boneless Lamb Shoulder: $13/lb
Bone-in Lamb Shoulder: $12/lb
Lamb Shoulder Steaks: $12/lb
* Lamb Shanks: $6/lb
* Lamb Organs: $4/lb
* Lamb Soup Bones: $4/lb
* Lamb Ribs: $4/lb

MUTTON (Pasture Raised)
Ground Mutton: $8/lb
Mutton Sausage: $10/lb
Stew Mutton: $10/lb
* Mutton Rib Chops: $16/lb
* Mutton Loin Chops: $18/lb
Boneless Leg of Mutton: $12/lb
Bone-in Leg of Mutton: $11/lb
Boneless Mutton Shoulder: $12/lb
Bone-in Mutton Shoulder: $11/lb
Mutton Shoulder Steaks: $11/lb
Mutton Shanks: $4/lb
Mutton Organs: $4/lb
Mutton Soup Bones: $4/lb
* Mutton Ribs: $4/lb

PORK (Farm Raised)
* Pork Breakfast Sausage: $6/lb
Pork Cased Italian Sausage: $7 per pack
Pork Chops: $6/lb
Pork Loin Roast: $6/lb
Pork Belly/Fresh Bacon: $6 per pack
Pork Bone-In Shoulder: $6/lb
Pork Boneless Shoulder: $8/lb
Pork Bone-In Shoulder Steaks: $6/lb
Pork Bone-In Shoulder Roasts: $6/lb
Pork Bone-In Ham (Uncured/Green): $6/lb
Pork Boneless Ham: $8/lb
Pork Back Bones: $2/lb
Pork Spare Ribs: $6/lb
Pork Shanks: $6/lb
* Pork Fat/Lard: $2/lb
Pork Sliced Fatback: $2/lb
* Pork Organs: $2/lb

BEEF (Pasture Raised)
Ground Beef: $8/lb
Beef Tenderloin Steak/Filet: $26/lb
Beef Ribeye Steak: $22/lb
Beef NY Strip Steak: $21/lb
Beef Sirloin Steak: $18/lb
Beef London Broil Steak: $18/lb
Beef Flank, Flap, Hangar, and Skirt Steak: $15/lb
Beef Roasts (Top or Bottom or Eye Round, Chuck, Brisket, Rump, Arm): $8/lb
Beef Stew Meat: $8/lb
Beef Short Ribs: $7/lb
Beef Marrow or Soup Bones: $6/lb
Beef Organs: $4/lb

Weaned Lambs: $200+
Ewes: $250+
Cull Ewes: $100+



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